Chicken Karaage Concept on Convoy

Rakiraki’s chef-owner launched a new label called JCK (Junya’s Crispy Karaage) 

When Chef Junya Watanabe envisioned JCK (Junya’s Crispy Karaage), he didn’t imagine a simple fried chicken concept. Instead, he sought to create the most toothsome karaage on Earth for his guests. In fact, this dish, he came to find out, has long and needlessly been tucked beneath a slew of savory ramens on ramen sensation Rakiraki’s menu. 

Watanabe has spent the last 12 years perfecting his chicken karaage recipe, with the most recent update in collaboration with his Michelin-starred mentor in Japan, Kazuhito Higuchi. Who shares his passion for perfection. Born of hours spent in a small Tokyo kitchen, enhancing the already well-loved dish. This karaage has long been the buried treasure inside Chef’s award-winning Rakiraki menu. With this final touch, it kisses perfection. For guests: an incredibly mouthwatering experience.


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